About Me

“Danielle Tepper is currently an Email Marketing Strategist for The Humane Society of the United States” … just kidding—I hate when people talk about themselves in the third person to sound more important. (You’re not fooling anyone when you do that.) But I’m not kidding about the job! I spend my days surrounded by adorable dogs and their human companions who are striving to make a difference for all the furry/feathered friends of the world. It took me six long years working as a small-town reporter and editor to make it to the bigs and achieve what is essentially a dream job. Is it the dream I’ve always had? Nope … it’s a dream I didn’t know I had.

This blog was born inside my head sometime in the fall of 2015, but I didn’t feel authoritative enough to actually write it until about a year later. Today, I can say with some clarity and perspective that I understand the struggle today’s young writers face; I faced it myself, over and over again. And I’m here to write about all the ways these struggles prepare you for the day when you’re walking your office halls, thinking, “I can’t believe I get to work here.” I’m not deluded into believing that it happens for everyone. I surely didn’t think it would happen for me. But in most cases, if you fight tooth and nail for what you what, you’ll achieve some semblance of “the dream job.”

At The Jaded Journo, you’ll find the following categories:

  • Adulting 101: I don’t believe in “life plans” or unrealistic expectations for hitting certain milestones by certain ages. And I’ll tell you why.
  • Adventures in MD: Intended more for the reading enjoyment of family and friends; I did relocate to a new state, after all!
  • Career Advice: Tips from me to you on everything from resumé layout to cyber-stalking the competition.
  • Guest Columns: I’ve made many friends in this industry, all with their own unique stories to tell. I’ll occasionally showcase their stuff here.
  • Hashing Headlines: Commentary on national stories and the media landscape as a whole.
  • News Nerd: Where I geek out about the latest journalism movie, exhibit, or cool new gadget. (Such as Spotlight, Newseum, or this Post-It holder.)
  • On the Job: Insight into past and present employment experiences.
  • Personal Work: Because it’s fun to toot your own horn every once in a while.
  • Through the Lens: Sharing my own snaps or striking shots from photojournalists around the world.
  • Writing Tips: I’m no expert—but I have been doing this for 20 years. 😉
  • And possibly more TK!



Want to discuss something you’ve read by The Jaded Journo? Ask for advice? Share some tricks of the trade? Find me on alllll the social media or shoot me an email at daniellestepper@gmail.com. I also run a second blog completely devoted to my pop culture obsession, www.EntertainmentPSA.com, and you can view my online portfolio at www.DanielleTepper.com for writing samples, testimonials, and fun facts.

Hope you all enjoy!